Half-Mind Hash Bars

The grandaddy of all Hash Bars is of course the Royal Selangor club bar in KL.

What about some others? There are a couple "On On" bars and many bars and pubs where Hash kennels meet.

This page is dedicated to Hash Bars where the local kennel meets EVERY event or who officialy sponsor the Hash

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July 2008

I served my time as 'Hash on down' and ran the hash bar for EH3. That is Enugu Hash House Harriers in Nigeria.(1980 - 1987)

Unfortunately the EH3 no longer exists but I started a reunion (annual) back in 1988 in England and it has been running ever siince. This year will be the 21st reunion and I am the host at my new abode in France. Details below. Our reunion takes place on the 11-13th July.

My Irish Bar takes the name 'Hash Bar' on Friday nights and all Hashers are welcome. Should any Hasher be in town pop in and say hello and mention you are a hasher and have a glass of wine on the house.

The Hotel le Cheval Blanc in the town of Plancoet was bought recently by myself. Plancoet is in the north of Brittany about 30 Kls west of St Malo. plan to develop the hotel section to reflect the 1850s / 1890s.

The bar area will become an Irish bar with traditional Irish music and dance and always a warm welcome for Hash House Harriers.

If you are down this way please pop in and say hello, say you are a Hash House Harrier and receive a glass of wine or coffee as you wish.

I would like my place to be listed as a hash bar on your wonderful web site, merci

On - on
Irish Missed

Le Cheval Blanc Hotel Plancoet
34, Rue de la Madeleine
22130 Plancoët
Cote d'Armor Brittany France
00 33 (0)296840510




Submitted by: dr. Slow Ride

Hash Bar: The Meet Rack

Hash Kennel who need it: Tucson hashes: jHavelina HHH, Arizona Larrikins Present Mr. Happy's HHH

Where is it?: 210 W. Drachman St., Tucson, AZ 85705

Owner: God (he had his name changed to that, but you can also call him Jim)

Details: Take the tour...the highlight is the "duty hut" with a large variety of bondage devices. Only PBR on tap. No premium liquors at the bar, but you can get a pitcher of anything you order. Almost always a hasher there, and bartender Rebekkah is due to be named, soon.


Submitted by: Guamarhea Balls

Hash Bar: Doctor Rockitís Blues Bar

Hash Kennel who need it: Corpus Christi Bay Area Larrikins H3, Corpus Christi H3

Where is it?: 709 N. Chaparral, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 USA

Owner: HASHER OWNED: Blue Balls

Details: Traditional On-Start AND On-IN of the CC BALH3!


Submitted by: Guamarhea Balls

Hash Bar: Knuckleheads

Hash Kennel who need it:

Where is it?: 819 North Upper Broadway, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 USA

Owner: HASHER(S) OWNED: Blue Balls, Chemo, $3 Bill

Details: A favorite stop for the Corpus Christi area hashes, and the best barbeque in the city!. wEBSITE APPEARS TO HAVE GONE OFFLINE: http://knuckleheadscc.com/


Submitted by: Try A F*ck

Hash Bar: LoveJoy's

Hash Kennel who need it: Austin H3

Where is it?: 604 Neches St Austin, Texas 78701

Owner: Eric Wolf

Details: "We don't always end/start here, but they sponsor us with beer every week and we often have events there/start there...."

Submitted by: Ra


Hash Bar: The 5:19 Bar and Grill

Hash Kennel who need it: Beijing H3,Beijing Boxer Hash, Beijing Full Moon Hash

Where is it?: (Wu Tong Wan Bar)
26 Xingba Lu, Nuren Jie, Chaoyang District
(Next to PiliPili)
Tel: 8448-0896/ Catering: 1364-123-2681


Details: FiveNineteen.Beijing@gmail.com

  Submitted by: CIA

Hash Bar: Saint Radegund's Pub

Hash Kennel who need it: Cantabrigensis H3

Where is it?: King Street, Cambridge, UK (corner of King Street and Jesus Lane) phone: 01223 311794

Owner: Hasher owned, Terry "Bunter" Kavanagh, founder of the Cantabridgensis hash and the Falkland Islands Hash

Details: Starting place for the Cantabrigensis Hash which runs every Monday at 7 PM.
St. Radegund's was once voted Cambridge pub of the year and is the smallest pub in Cambridge



Submitted by: Pampers

Hash Bar: The Alma Inn

Hash Kennel who need it: Scarborough H3

Where is it?: Alma Parade, Scarborough. Located behind "Cash Converters" which is diagonally opposite from the Police Station. About 60 seconds fast walk from the Railway Station! Telephone 01723 375587

Owner: Steve

Details: Scarborough H3 run a live trail every Sunday from the venue, starting at 11am and getting back for opening. Selection of real ales


Submitted by: Dildo Dan

Hash Bar: Bottom Crawler's Travelling Bar

Hash Kennel who need it: Bahrain H3

Where is it?: Bottom Crawler's erection usually takes place behind the circle.

Owner: the legendary Bottom Crawler

Details: Half the Bahrain Hash runs start / end up at an obscure location in the desert where bars are lacking to say the least (as well as trees, vegetation, animals etc) so Bottom Crawler hand crafted his own foldable mobile bar. It turns up at all Hash functions, including the Desert Dine Out. Bottom Crawler serves the amber nectar ably assisted by his harem of Bar Bitches - notably Mud Devil, Gagging Fer It, Singed Minge and Prickteaser. It is especially needed in the summer months when running around in 40+DegC heat leaves you rather thirsty after the run!!!


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