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Papoose - Papoose
departed: 2010-03-13
Summit (NJ) H3

from: Whomp'em -
A Harriette Tribute to Papoose. We're wearing red toenail polish in memory of Papoose ... a hasher with a gift for seeking out a beautiful Harriette's toes to suck! Papoose enjoyed life and he's with us in the sunshine and rain on trail.
from: Chickenman -
Papoose, why did you have to shortcut this trail?? My friend for 25 years . . . . such a loss. I will see you again at the Big On After - save me a beer.

On Up!
from: Massengil -
October, 1987. So I drive out to Cranford, NJ from my digs in lower Manhattan to check out this weird running club I had heard about from friends returning from Asia. Running through rice paddies and chugging beer sounded like fun. Wouldn’t you know, the hare that day happened to be Papoose. It was a Summit HHH Halloween Hash and everyone was in costume. What at strange brew it was; a tall skinny guy in a kilt, a middle aged guy in drag, various other tasteless getups, and Papoose sporting a black afro. We ran longer and harder than I expected. There was a smoky Jersey tavern we run-through were we came in the front, downed a beer, and continued out the back. The run meandered through the autumn colors back to the start where roadies were waiting. Papoose as hare was the gracious host. In some ways for me that trail never ended. I’m still hashing every chance I get. I will miss Papoose, his warm humor, and his unusual choice in apparel. I will miss him until the day my trail finally comes to an end.
from: Just Eric -
R.I.P. Papoose and fast travels to the next eternal trail. See you on the other side.
from: Whomp'em -
I love you Papoose. You introduced me to hashing and to a wonderful time these past almost eight years. You left me much too soon, but you did leave me with the Hash. Your love and friendship has made an incredible difference in my life and I will never forget you. You will be with me on every hash trail until the end of my life. You are my best friend ... continue to watch over me.
from: Prodigy -
Never was a truer friend and a great loss to the hashing world at large. Keep the beer cold for me Papoose, we will meet again!

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