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Nancy West - Designer Bush
departed: 2010-05-29
Designer Bush was a GM for the DC Full Moon Hash and is best remembered for her Lingerie Run pre-lubes and pool parties; she also ran with all the DC area hashes, primarily BAH3 and WH4, and traveled as a DC Road Whore

from: Hoot Are You -
Designer ~ Thanks for always bringing fun times and leaving great memories. I miss you.
from: eXplodes On iMpact -
Sweet heart... We were not worthy to drink from her cup. Miss you Nancy.
from: wishboneher -
Comment Girlfriend....so sorry to miss you on the upcoming camp weekends this summer.....you will be missed by MANY....see you in hash heaven
from: Muddy (Mr InterAmericas 2005/2007) -
She will be missed....I hope there is enough beer where she is...

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