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Mamalette - Mamalette
departed: 2002-12-02
b. March 12 1917 Mamalette - Alouette\'s mother - First \"ran\" with LBH3 on Run No. 29 Although her fragile lungs never permitted her to run a step, she loved hashing. She was so popular with LBH3 that we gave her a Hash Name - an honor rarely bestowed on a non-runner. In the early years, she helped with the Hash Haberdashery - her favorite saying was \"Buy My Shit\" - and Hashers bought it! In later years she was confined to a wheelchair and had to use oxygen just to breathe - but she still came hashing. She knew just about as many Hash songs as Ian Cummings and would sing them in her sleep. Despite her limitations, she loved the people and the fun - and no one ever heard her complain about her condition. Her last hash was the Halloween Hash in 2000, and her last road trip was to help us scout trail for Beatty 2000. We lost her just before Christmas that year.