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Dale Van Dalsem - Van Diver
departed: 1993
LBH3, LAH3 Its somehow fitting that Van Diver first ran with LBH3 on Run No. 69 (5/31/86). He liked to say Ill dive em all muff, sky, or scuba! He hashed for many years all over the world, and along the way, picked up an amazing collection of limericks, Hash songs, and Hash T-shirts. He was a big, big guy and the very biggest thing about him (sorry, girls) was his feet! They were huge! He was also an avid mountain climber, very active in the Sierra Club. He made many difficult ascents, and on one sad occasion, lost his wife on an ascent of Denali in Alaska. His last hash with LBH3 was only two weeks before he died, sufferering a heart attack while mountain biking with his son. On September 13, 1994, LBH3 gave him a tree in El Dorado Park (along with Suteki Buns), starting a lasting tradition.