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John Bashaw - Papoose
departed: 2010-03-13
Summit, N.J. (born 1952-07-04) Papoose What a sense of humor he had! Remembered for for his large assortment of wigs and unique outfits or clothing optional. He was a proponent of the naked hashes at Inter hash events. He used to go home after Hashes and "entertain" his family with wity stories and songs from the hash. Remembering Papoose--The hare that day happened to be a guy named Papoose. It was a Summit HHH Run on Halloween in Cranford and everyone was in costume. What at strange brew it was; a tall skinny guy in a kilt, a middle aged guy in drag, various other tasteless get-ups, and Papoose sporting a black polyester afro. We ran longer and harder than I expected. There was a smoky Jersey tavern where we came in the front door, downed a beer, and continued running out the back. The run meandered through the autumn colors back to the start where ice cold roadies were waiting. Papoose as hare was a gracious and welcoming host whose enthusiasm for the day's unconventional events was contagious. In some ways for me that trail never ended. I still hash every chance I get. I will miss Papoose, his warm humor, and his unusual choice in wigs. I will miss him until the day my trail finally comes to an end. May we meet someday in that smoky tavern in the sky and drink to those who came before and to those whose time has not yet come. ON ON