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Who has patch [ Bam-Bam She's a Man ] of PoppyCock H3
Type:[ Other ]:
Continent[ North America ]
Caveat: I forget most these rules and generally only enforce Rule 2... 1. Drink 6 beers in 60 minutes. Puking not allowed until 90 Minutes from Start. 2. Beer #1 and #6 must be consumed in front a witness (Challenging Ladies Topless; Men Bottomless) - I reserve the right to observe all Hariettes 3. Beer #1 & #6 Should be a Stout, Porter, or Lager of Irish or Scottish origin (ex. Guiness, Innis & Gunn Scottish Porter, Smithwick's, Harp - This may be waived due to lack of availability at events (and if cheap beer used in it's place - REQUIRES the individual to announce to the crowd of their undying love and devotion to Bam-Bam in a Scottish or Irish accent before #1 & #6 Beer). 4. Tell me a funny Scottish or Irish Saying, Proverb, or joke...or do the Cinnamon Challenge (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamon_challenge) between Beer #3 & #4 5. Cost $5 or a patch in trade after 90 minutes from start!

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