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Surf City H3 [show kennel by itself] [Update: CLICK HERE ID=562]

last updated: 2013-12-08 Is Kennel eligible for IH 2010 Directory: Y (active at least monthly)
Country/state: USA
AreaSan Francisco
CitySanta Cruz
We Hash: Every Thursday 18:30 All Year 
lat/lng36.97411700N 122.030796W
URL: http://www.sch3.net
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SurfCityH3/
Email: surfcityh3@yahoogroups.com
Contact Name
Guy * Banana Basher* Schilling

Contact 1:
Contact 2: Ricky *Puff the Magic Drag Queen* Ramseur
Contact 3: Chad *Thmp-Thmp* and Jill *Princess Diarrhea* Misunas
Founder:Guy *Banana Basher* Schilling
Parent Hash:Royal Southside H3
Kennel Details:
Surf City Hash House Harriers searches for trail in and around Santa Cruz, California, which is located on the coast approximately 70 miles south of San Francisco. Hashes are held every Thursday evening, regardless of surf conditions, rain, flood, snow, earthquake, sun spots, rioting or bar tabs at 6:33 pm. 20-40 mixed pack that hashers on trail which always features a beer check.

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