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last updated: 2014-05-02 Is Kennel eligible for IH 2010 Directory: N (active at least monthly)
Country/state: USA
CityNew York
We Hash: Variable    
lat/lng40.76810000N 73.9819W
Email: w.w.moore@mac.com
Contact Name
Walt *I-Feel Tower* Moore
75 W End Ave

Apt R10A
Contact 1: Walt *I-Feel Tower* Moore
Date First Hash:2012-10-30
Founder:Walt *I-Feel Tower* Moore
Cofounders:See below
Parent Hash:Medley Of Mud HHH
Kennel Details:
How are you going to tell your grandchildren about death-defying hashing if you don't join us? We hash during dangerous storms. We planned our first hash while Hurricane Sandy's winds were still howling. We hashed through Sandy's aftermath while all NY public transportation was still out of commission. We had 12 intrepid hashers including co-founders: 10 Dix With Wings, Cheeky Bastard, Doggy Erectus, Flabonghissimo, Irish Spring, One Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, WHORE!, She Likes It In The Benjamin, Solar Eclits & 3 unnamed hashers: Elana, Erin & Lindsay. On~on, I-Feel Tower

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