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Tegucigalpa H3 [show kennel by itself] [Update: CLICK HERE ID=50]

last updated: 2015-02-11 Hash is DEAD Is Kennel eligible for IH 2010 Directory: Y (active at least monthly)
Country/state: HONDURAS
We Hash: Every Other Saturday   
lat/lng14.07227500N 87.192136W
Hotline (TEL #):504.235.9777/ 8992.2167
Email: tegucigalpah3@gmail.com
Contact Name
Roberto Ayala - Long Tooth
Ave Paris No. 4095 -
Tegucigalpa - Honduras
Lomas del Guijarro Sur
Contact 2: Ana Lucia *Cat Woman* Escolan
Founder:Long Tooth
Cofounders:Mauricio Montes and All the way in Parson
Parent Hash:Tegucigalpa
Kennel Details:
Family hashes twice a month on Saturdays. Size varies from 20 to 100. Dogs welcome. Family type hash. Come and join us. Mucha Cerveza! We just did our first red dress hash ever last nigh 11.13.2009. Great turn out. Alot of drinking and alot of fun.

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