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Where in the World Have You Hashed?

Tablewhine of London H3 has Hashed in 40 Countries: USA, Mexico, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portgual, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, UK-England, Cambodia, Cyprus, India, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, UK-Scotland, UK-Wales, Malta

and 2 States: NEW YORK, VIRGINIA

and 22 International Events: , , , , EH1997-Brussels, EH2001-Frankfurt, EH2003-Aarhus, EH2005-Amsterdam, EH2007-London, EH2009-Antalya, EH2011-Baarlo, IA2003-Mombasa, IA2013-Accra, IH1988-Bali, IH1996-Cyprus, IH1998-KL, IH2002-Goa, IH2004-Cardiff, IH2006-Chiang Mai, IH2008-Perth, IH2010-Kuching,

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