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Hasher: Cums Dumps Goes
Main Hash Kennel:Other Orlando H3 - O2H3
Year started Hashing2009
Kennels Hashed with:9
Total Number of Hashes80
Hashspace name:
My FaceBook name:Steve CDG
MY Comment/Blog/Travel Stories:
1st Hash Kennel: Southsiiiiide S2H3 Seoul Korea Current Hash Kennel: O2H3 Other Orlando H3 Started hashing: January 11, 2009 At the S2H3's ultra-frigid Polar Bear Hash at the Olympic Park near Seoul Korea. My balls actually hid until spring! As a hasher I am an un-offendable ultra-sarcastic sensual sexual intellectual moron. I Like to say what's on my mind regardless of the oversensitive ears nearby. But I am also a respectful self–deprecating asshole and I can take what I dish or whatever shit cums out of your mouth.

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