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Hasher: Glutenless Maximus
Main Hash Kennel:RIH3
Year started Hashing2014
Kennels Hashed with:11
Total Number of Hashes106
Hashspace name:Glutenless Maximus
MY Comment/Blog/Travel Stories:
Named (8/25/14) Pussy Ivy, renamed (9/22/14) Cat Scratch Fever, because too many Pussies in the kennel(??!) Renamed (9/29/14) Glutenless Maximus because no reason + gluten intolerance. Non-Home Kennels: Rotten Groton CT, Santa Clarita Valley CA, Northboro MA, PooFlingers New England, Jacksonville FL, Boston Marathon Princess Hash & Fatboy, Motor City/Ann Arbor, Boston Moon, Boston Hash, Boston Ballbuster, Eager4Beaver, Marlow UK.

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