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Dear Hashers,

The UK InterHash committee has announced it will produce a printed World HHH Directory in conjunction with IH 2004. Copies of the directory will be given to IH2004 attendees, and after InterHash (if past experience is a reliable guide) the directory should be available as a free on-line download to hashers everywhere.

 If you need a directory now, you can download a copy of the 2002 World HHH Directory here!

The Half-Mind Catalog, along with the other officially-recognized national & regional hash directory websites, will provide the hash contact information that goes into the directory. If you'd like to see a list of the officially-recognized national & regional hash directory websites, check out the Half-Mind Links.

This method of producing periodic world HHH directories was originally agreed to in Kuala Lumpur by the IH1998 committee. The first directory was published in conjunction with the Tasmania InterHash in 2000; the second directory was published in conjunction with the Goa InterHash in 2002.

Each InterHash committee reviewed the various print and internet HHH directories and chose as sources those directories that consistently offered the most thorough and accurate hash contact information. The Half-Mind Catalog editors work hard to keep our contacts up to date, and we're proud we were chosen as the source directory for the Americas.

If you want the InterHash World HHH Directory to contain the latest information about your hash kennel, please send updates before the end of March 2004 - that's the IH directory committee's deadline for hash contact submissions from the national & regional webmasters. If your hash kennel is in the Americas (minus Canada), please use this update form. If you hash in Canada or anywhere outside the Americas, please check the Half-Mind Links for the national or regional web page that represents you.

On On,
Flying Booger