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Lots of Hash articles n the news go offline and are lots forever. We will be starting an archive of copies of Hash articles in our own vault so that they are saved for ... whatever.


NY Times: NY Hashers - mention HMC, slam DC beer van!

Intake Weekly (USA) - Beer Run

Yes! Weekly (USA) - Hashing and Dashing

Portsmouth Herald (USA) - Harriers Find Thrill in Circa 1937 Hunt Sport

Wilmington Star (USA) - Chasing a Good Time

Buffalo Rising (USA) - Buffalo Hash House Harriers

Colombia University News Service (USA) - Hashing: the Beer Run That Works Up a Sweat

Cayman NetNews (The Cayman Islands) - Cayman Getting Ready for Cross Island Relay

CamanianCompass (The Cayman Islands) - Cross Island Relay Next Month

Sentinel (USA) - S.B. Man Organizes Hash Run in Edison

Saipan Tribune (Saipan) - Hashers to Celebrate 1,100th Run

Advocate (USA) - The Weird World of Obscure Sports

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (USA)- 'Hashers' Gather for Light-Hearted Challenge Combining Fitness and Fun

The Golden Mail (Australia) - Family, Friends to Bid Farewell

The Moscow Times (Russia) - Running, Not Crawling, to the Pub on Sundays

On Tap Magazine (USA) - Binge Drinking and Distance Running: Friends or Foes?

The News Record (USA) - White Powder Brings in Police, Proves Not Harmful

ChannelCincinnati.com (USA) - Running Club Marks Blamed In Biohazard Scare (w/video)

The Yuma Sun (USA) - Powder Found at County Building was Flour

Phoenix New Times (USA) - Beer Run

PittsburghLive.com (USA) - Hash House Harriers Enjoy Outdoors as They Run, Walk, Party

The Patriot Ledger (USA) - Running on the Trails of Decadence and Debauchery: An Insider's Guide to the Hash House Harriers

BruneiDirect.com (Brunei) - Sheraton Utama's Charity Run Nets $11,000 For UNICEF

sfweekly.com (USA) - Love on the Run

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) - Front Runners

Whistler Question (Canada) - Bringing a Tradition to Whistler

Wilmington News Journal (USA) - Wilmington Runner Has Broken Age-Group Running Records for 10 Years and Keeps Going

North County Times (USA) - Arce Gives Olympian Effort at Half Marathon

Denver Westword (USA) - Consumed: Beer Run

Daily Nation (Kenya) - Why it's Such a Rare Occasion --->

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