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HellHound H3 [show kennel by itself] [Update: CLICK HERE ID=802]

last updated: 2018-12-05 Is Kennel eligible for IH Directory?: Y (active at least monthly)
Country/state/Area/City: USA / KY/ Lexington
We Hash: Monthly Full Moon  All Year 
lat/lng38.04103000N 84.491W
URL: www.HellhoundH3.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HellhoundH3
Email: Leguiche@hellhoundh3.com
Contact Name
Le Guiche

Contact 1: Le Guiche
Contact 2: Bacon Trucker Cougar Fucker
Date First Hash:2018-08-26
Founder:Bacon Trucker Cougar Fucker, Le Guiche
Cofounders:Jizz Hands, Pepe Le Pube
Kennel Details:
We gather for the hunt @ every full moon. Full Moon hashes will release the hounds on a live hare. The full moon hare will have a bounty on its head. Head? Who said head? Catch the hare, pants the hare, get a sixer of local craft beer! There will be at least one event per month (full moon). Additional hashing events are scheduled randomly and will be a variety of pre-laid trails, live hares, or hyper-hares. 21+ only. Leave your crotch goblins at home. We welcome well trained & obedient dogs on trail. Every day should be HALLOWEEN! We strongly encourage costumes of your choice and/or celebratory celestial attire in honor of the moon such as clothing with moons, stars, glowsticks, body paint, reflective gear, etc. Cosplay FTW! Events will NEVER be canceled for weather.

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