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Key West H3 [show kennel by itself] [Update: CLICK HERE ID=200]

last updated: 2020-03-15 Is Kennel eligible for IH Directory?: Y (active at least monthly)
Country/state/Area/City: USA / FL/ Florida Keys / Key West
We Hash: Every Saturday 18:30  
lat/lng24.55505900N 81.779987W
URL: http://www.KeyWestHash.com
Hotline (TEL #):305-912-6795
Email: keywesthash@gmail.com
Contact Name
Thar She Blows
1608 Dennis St.

Contact 1: Lori "Thar She Blows " Gill
Contact 2: Crack Of
321 213 3247
Contact 3: Spanish Hooker
(305) 849-4453
Founder:Tom *Bridge Bandit* Scow
Cofounders:Maura *Slomo* Smith
Parent Hash:Newport H3
Kennel Details:
Generally run on every Saturday, Full Moons, and on special occasions; Hash Cash is $10. Will set up a run for visiting hashers if given advance notice. Annual Events include Hash Fantasy Fest (last week of Oct), New Year's Eve, St Patrick's Day, Conch Republic Days 3rd Week April), Hemingway Days (3rd week of July),7Mile + Cow Key Bridge Runs (April), New Years Eve Hash. Check out Hash Space Group, www.Keywesthash.com and Key West Hash Facebook Group. This kennel was resurrected by Mu-Sick in April 2003 & taken over by the Tyrant 2012 to 2015, when Marilyn ManHoe usurped the GM and installed himself as the TYRANT. As of the kennel's 444th trail on 01JAN2015, the TYRANT abdicated his throne and returned the GrandMaster title to circulation with the annually elected leaders in April each year.

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