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Phoenix Wrong Way H3 [show kennel by itself] [Update: CLICK HERE ID=93]

last updated: 2012-08-14 Is Kennel eligible for IH Directory?: Y (active at least monthly)
Country/state/Area/City: USA / AZ/ Maricopa County / Phoenix
We Hash: 1st Saturday   
lat/lng33.44837700N 112.074037W
URL: http://www.phoenixhhh.org
Hotline (TEL #):602.230.5379
Contact 1: Ted *Nor-Dick* Kolasa
Contact 2: Kristen *Bitch N Hoe* Smith
Contact 3: Josh *Ima Luuuger* Parry
Date First Hash:1988-07-14
Founder:Dave *Wrong Way* Arnold
Cofounders:Rebecca *Lazarus* Arnold
Parent Hash:Mexico City H3
Kennel Details:
Mixed hash, not recommended for children unless you want to scar them for life. Runs on 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays of each month (sometimes contra runs on the other Saturdays). We all also run every Monday and Wednesday nights (except for Mismanagement meetings/piss-ups which are on the first wednesday of each month). We have a run every Full Moon, a BASH (Bike Hash) once a month, and a wet t-shirt/stripper pole contest every Sunday behind the LDS Church.

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