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Quito H3 [show kennel by itself] [Update: CLICK HERE ID=45]

last updated: 2020-05-23 Is Kennel eligible for IH Directory?: N (active at least monthly)
Country/state/Area/City: ECUADOR / Pichincha/ Quito
We Hash: Every Other Sunday 13:00  
lat/lng0.180653N 78.467838W
Date First Hash:1986-12-14
Founder:Alan Fernie
Cofounders:Phil Tonto Townsend Aberdeen H3
Parent Hash:Oman
Kennel Details:
Dead as of 2009-12-31

Mosquito H3 [show kennel by itself] [Update: CLICK HERE ID=453]

last updated: 2017-12-10 Is Kennel eligible for IH Directory?: Y (active at least monthly)
Country/state/Area/City: USA / TX/ Houston / Katy
We Hash: 1st Wednesday 18:30  
lat/lng29.78578500N 95.824396W
URL: http://www.h4.org
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MosquitoH3/
Hotline (TEL #):713.907.7717
Email: MisManagement@MosquitoH3.org
Contact Name
Donut Holer

Contact 1: Miss *Effin* Management
Date First Hash:2004-06-12
Founder:*Donut Holer*
Parent Hash:Phuket H3 - Houston H3
Kennel Details:
The Mosquito Hash is centered around Houston's west side and the City of Katy and includes Cypress to the north and Sugarland to the south. We cover 3 county areas: West Harris County, north Fort Bend and east Waller counties. We hash on the west side of Houston. All trails are live hare 3-4 mile trails. Open to all levels of fitness and mayhem.

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