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StumbleFoot Hare & Hound Club H3 [show kennel by itself] [Update: CLICK HERE ID=734]

last updated: 2015-01-15 Is Kennel eligible for IH Directory?: Y (active at least monthly)
Country/state/Area/City: USA / CA/ San Diego County / San Diego
We Hash: 1st Thursday 18:30 All Year 
lat/lng32.71573800N 117.161084W
URL: http://halfminds.com
Email: fbt@halfminds.com
Contact Name
Fat Basque Turd

Date First Hash:2013-04-04
Founder:Fat Basque Turd
Cofounders:Surf 'n Turf, Throws Up Stays Up
Parent Hash:La Jolla H3
Kennel Details:
The 'StumbleFoot Hare & Hound Club', runs on the first "Thirst-day" of the month, in the greater San Diego, California area. The hash was formed one Saturday afternoon, on-after a regular morning hash with another kennel. It was the half-minded conception of a half-dozen hashers who stopped in for a beer at the then new StumbleFoot Brewery in San Marcos California. When it was discovered that at least three of the beer names on the menu board had local hasher's names, and another was named "Red Dress Run Porter", the proprietor was asked if he was a hasher. His reply was no, but he had been to a hash before and was infatuated with "all the crazy names", and chose to use some for his newest beers. Someone, promptly exclaimed, "We should run a hash from here". The following month, on the first "Thirst-day" of April 2013, StumbleFoot Brewing Company HHH, was born. Fifty runners showed up to deflower this virgin hash, including visitors from as far away as Germany. Early trails started and ended at the brewery, but in an interest to branch out to new areas of trail, the hash began to move the on-in locations to bars and pubs that feature StumbleFoot beer on tap. Each month a covenant is formed from the club mismanagement, staff of the brewery and one small farm animal, to decide the location of the next month's run. A secret meeting is held in an undisclosed penthouse location, and involves a Ouija board, a satchel of chicken bones and a stripper pole. Once the white smoke clears from the room, the location of the next run is sealed in an envelope and placed for safe keeping under the Grand master's jock strap until the end of the circle. Hares for the next run are selected just before the end of the circle by lottery. Then, the envelope with the location of the next hash ending, is opened and read. The hare may start the run at any location he chooses, but the run must end at the chosen point. In January of 2015, the hash changed its name to "The StumbleFoot Hare & Hound Club", in part as a tribute to the early ages of hashing, but it is also rumored the change was necessitated to elude prosecution, and back alimony. Run-starts are posted to the www.SDH3.com website, and are open to all hashers. Current Mismanagement: Grand Master: Mommy's Dirty Dildo Honorary Grand Master: Hop, Skip & A Fuck Religious Advisor (and Founder): Fat Basque Turd Hash Cash: Gotta Go Number Three Perm. Contact: Fat Basque Turd, generaldelivery@thetijuanajail.net Parent Hash: La Jolla H3 Respectfully submitted, "Fat Basque Turd"

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