Half-Mind Shopping Mall - 2nd Floor

Half-Mind Shopping Mall - 2nd Floor

HHH Jewelry

Jewelry, Bracelets.
Each bracelet is completely hand made and is solid .925 Sterling Silver. Each On On Foot is stamped .925. 6 1/2 Inch Bracelet is 14 Grams of Silver. Click here! for another, bigger view. Each bracelet is made to your wrist size ie., 7 inches - 7 1/2 inches.$80.00 Canadian/US. This bracelet can be made from 10K Gold - Please contact us for pricing. Please contact Breast Stroke at info@belcourtbeads.com for ordering information. Contact:
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Jewelry, Gold. Recommended! Fourteen carat gold earrings & pendants in "true trail" and "intersection" designs. Click here for photo. Post earrings $45.00 pair, dangle earrings $50.00 pair, intersection earrings $60.00 pair, intersection pendant $35.00. Order from:
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Jewelry, Earrings.
Recommended! Hash earrings in several styles and colors. See web page for more photos! Available in silver-toned hypoallergenic pierced, gold-toned pierced, or gold-toned clips. $6.00 a pair plus .85 postage & handling (up to 4 pair). Also available: Hash foot dangle plastic earrings with white painted toenails, perfect for red dress runs and other hash dress-up occasions! Hand-crafted by Dickless Tracy. Hypo-allergenic pierced (silver toned ear wires) and gold-toned comfortable matching clips. Lightweight, comfortable, about one inch tall. Choice of red, silver or gold glitter glue at joint at top. $4.00 per pair post or clips plus .85 shipping & handling (up to 4 pair). Green foot earrings (post or clip) are now available for $3.00 per pair (post or clips) plus .85 shipping & handling (up to 4 pair). Cash, bank check, or US money order, please. Please include e-mail address with order. Contact:
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Jewelry, Gold & Silver. Recommended! Ian "Goldilocks" Broadhead's HHH jewelry is well-known in Europe. Goldilocks offers several styles of HHH necklaces and earrings, as well as mens' and womens' rings, ankle chains (sorry, no photo), and cufflink & tie bar sets, all in 18k gold or 925 silver. You can buy jewelry in the designs pictured here or have it made to your own design. Sample prices: ear stud feet (left & right), silver, $25 pr; HHH pendant, silver $30, gold $350. Contact Goldilocks for pricing on other items or to determine shipping costs.
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Jewelry, Gold & Silver. Stirling silver & gold plated hash jewelry by Bangkok harriette Plastered. Ready made designs or design your own. Details are on the web site, or contact:
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Jewelry, Necklaces. The best hash necklaces anywhere! Each is handmade and built on a section of military-spec parachute cord.  This cord is smooth and will not chafe your neck while running. Your necklace will be hand built with black and white letters and a unique combination of beads.

New starting July 2007: Bigger beads!

Two black feet, ONON foot, beer mug and the best of all - "G" himself!  New beads in this size will continue to be added.

And now your kennel can have its very own beads!!

Goto: store.hashspace.com/OE to see beads, current cord colors, custom bead ordering info, etc.

Necklaces are only Cost: $8 + $1 shipping.

Get yours now - there are none finer or more practical.  I put time and thought into each necklace - no two are the same unless you want it that way. You wont be disappointed. Click here for photo. Contact:

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Jewelry, Necklaces & Anklets. Wet Spot offers hand-made foot necklaces and anklets. The necklaces come in green, blue, or pink; the anklets are multi-colored. Necklaces and anklets are $5.00 each. Click here for photo of necklace & anklets. Click here for another photo. Check, money order, or Paypal accepted. Contact:
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Hash Foot Penant. South African Sand Stone Hash Foot Penant On A Silver Holding Ring . To order, send a S.A.S.E and include £4 cheque, cash, or money order for One Foot or £6 for Two. Specify how many you want with a lanyard and left or right. Contact Mr Beaky for international orders or bulk purchases. Hash Group or event Feet can be made, contact Mr Beaky for more information. Contact:

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True Trail! A must-have for any hot tub on-after - this sexy True Trail Belly Ring ($8) provides a trail mark even drunk hashers can understand! Matching True Trail Earrings are also available ($7.50). Check out our HashSpace store for more hash jewelry featuring On-On Feet toe rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, Red Dress jewelry, and Custom Name Necklaces.

Haberdasher discounts available! International orders via PayPal or Money Order also accepted. Contact:

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HHH-Friendly Businesses

Aurora Park Cottages. Recommended! Joe "Semenhole" Hensley welcomes hashers to his bed & breakfast in Calistoga, California, situated at the north end of Napa Valley. If you ever want a fabulous vacation in wine country, this is the place to stay. Mention half-mind.com and receive free champagne and chocolates. For more information see the web page, or contact:
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The Guilderoy Hotel. Located on the North Promenade in Blackpool, England, the Guilderoy Hotel is soon to be owned by Floppy Dick - we'll update as soon as the take-over is completed, stay tuned because Floppy is promising a hasher-special room rate - 50% off! contact:
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Kathy Loper Events. Hasher Kathy "Interloper" Loper has been directing and managing running events and tours to running events for over sixteen years and has earned a great reputation with hashers throughout Southern California. Her tours, which mix hashing with serious running, are usually listed in the HHH Travel & Tours section, below. For more information contact: back to index of products

HHH Services, Travel, Tours

HHH Ministry. Recommended! A number of hashers in the USA (and a few in other countries) are legal & ordained ministers of the cloth, available to perform hash weddings and other ceremonies. Follow the link to a growing list of HHH ministers, guaranteed to satisfy your spiritual hashing needs!

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HHH Songbooks

Half-Mind Hymnal. Recommended! The songbook for songmasters, ready to download, unzip, and print, the result of months of work by an international cast of HHH songmasters. Contains more than 700 rollicking songs, poems, toasts, limericks, and recitals. Not for the squeamish! New songs added in August 2002! Note to internet readers: if you're reading this on the net you can download the Half-Mind Hymnal for free. Note for the internet-impaired: I'll ship a hymnal anywhere on 3½-inch disk for $10, or on CD-ROM for $15 - make your check payable to:
    Paul Woodford
    4088 N Hidden Cove Pl
    Tucson AZ 85749 USA
    - tel (520) 760-9693
    - fax (520) 760-1593
    - e-mail
    - internet: www.half-mind.com/warning1.htm
You can see an earlier version of the Half-Mind Hymnal on-line at Big Ball's Helsinki H3 Page!

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Hash Songs for MP3 Players or Standard CD. Recommended! Deep Throat's Hash Radio Station. Original hashing music from Britain's Deep Throat. Listen free, or order CDs:

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Hash Songs on CD.
Recommended! (by Likk'm, no less!) A true story of determination, blood, sweat and beers to realise one man’s dream: to produce a record, somehow, anyhow, just to produce the damn thing against all odds… Madrid H3 PROUDLY PRESENT: SHAGGIN’ ME SHAGGIN’ YOU. The CD!
Click the links to see the Front and Back cover art, and click here for the flyer with complete details and track listing.
If you are ordering from outside Spain, please speak to Madrid H3 about payment methods. Ever Ready has opened a PayPal account (everhever@yahoo.es) especially for this purpose, but please add €2.80 for postage costs to Europe or €4.85 for all other countries. Contact:
    Ever Ready
    - e-mail
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Mu-Sick's Hash Songbook. Recommended! Frustrated by songbooks that give you the words but no clue to the melody? Here's a 60-song booklet that comes with two 1 & 1/2-hour cassette tapes of the songs being performed by Mu-Sick & friends! Only $10.00 (add $2.00 shipping for overseas addresses). Send orders to (and make checks payable to):
    Sailshare, Inc.
    11114 Angle Court
    Kansas City KS 66109 USA
    - tel (913) 721-3938
    - e-mail
    - internet www.sailshare.com
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HHH On-Line

Hash-L (hash-l@usc.edu). The original international hash e-mail list, a great source of hash news and gossip. Restricted to subscribers but otherwise unmoderated. Here's how to sign up.

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Mirrors and Other HHH E-Mail Lists. Follow the links to view or join the following lists:

HHH Magazines, Books, Directories

Asia Pacific Harrier Magazine. Recommended! A brilliant, full size, full color glossy magazine for hashers, published by Jim "Bimbo" Edens, an experienced hasher and publisher (former publisher of the Hawaii Raceplace magazine). Interesting articles, loads of upcoming events and event writeups, fantastic photographs. Asia Pacific Harrier is, as the title implies, oriented toward hashing in Asia and Oceania, the historical & spiritual home of hashing. Asia Pacific Harrier is issued quarterly, subscription prices vary based on shipping destination.. You can subscribe with a credit card on-line, or contact:
    Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine (address change):
    3133 Waialae Ave Suite 3, PMB 3093
    Honolulu HI 96816
    Tel/Fax 808-732-1182
    - e-mail:
    - internet: www.asiapacificharrier.com/
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Aussie Nash Trash. Not really a newsletter, more of a mailing service for announcements and flyers about upcoming Oz hashes. AUS $10. Contact:
    Peter "Spyder" Harris
    Aussie Nash Sec
    P.O. Box 16
    Kings Meadows, TAS 7249, Australia
    - tel/fax +61-003-442350
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Global Trash Magazine and Other Publications. Commercial newsletters and printed directories. Note: the editor of these directories is not part of the cooperative network of HHH publishers who publish HHH contact information and much of his information is wrong or out of date. Contact:
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Hare of the Dog.

A brilliant collection of Hashtory and Hashit from all over the world, tracking the devolution of the Hash from Malaya in 1938 to the present. Whose fault is it? Why did they bother? Battles with police, military and other authorities. Profiles of Dogs of Note. Quotable quotes from round the beer truck from absolute nobodies. When did Harriettes, Hashits, Shiggy, Icing, Hash Handles, T-shirts first come into play? How did the Red Dress Runs start? Plus hundreds of great Hashing tales of misadventure. AUS$18 plus shipping - order on-line, or contact:

    Stu "The Colonel" Lloyd
    - e-mail
    - internet: www.hash-onon.com
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Click for closer view
Hasher Down. Recommended!

In January 2000, Hasher Richard Mechan was asleep in bed when he was woken by drunken visitors. Within hours he was thrown into the nightmare that is the Bahrain Judicial and Penal Systems where "confessions" are extracted without any regard for due process and where prisoners languish for years at the whim of the Al Khalifa Family. "Deep Shite" was alone among Torture,Political Manipulation, Riots and Neglect in Jau prison. This is the true story of how the hash world wide rallied around to support him and his Father as "Deep Throat" took on both the Bahrain and British Governments to fight for his release. All sale proceeds for this book will go to the James Hopkins Charity for disabled children. Paper Back 270 pages US$10.00 or £5.00 .
A free preview can be downloaded from this link. The complete book (270 pages) can be ordered on-line from HERE with free world wide postage.
For more info, contact Terry "Deep Throat" Mechan at:

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Teign Valley Harriettes Calendar.

It had to happen eventually, and Teign Valley would be just the people to do it: Introducing the 2005 Hot Harriette Calendar, featuring the ladies of the Teign Valley Hash! (there's no word yet of a "Men of Teign Valley" edition...praise G!) All proceeds go to the prostate cancer charity. Click here for the promo flyer. For more contact Pork Torpedo at:

    Gavin "Pork Torpedo" McNae
    P.O. Box 355
    Newton Abbot
    Devon TQ12 3ZT, UK
    - tel 01626 211123
    - e-mail
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World HHH Directory, Run # 10. Recommended! In the truest spirit of hashing, the Goa InterHash 2002 committee offers the latest (September 2002) world HHH contact directory as a free download for hashers everywhere! This directory was prepared in the style of Tim "Magic" Hughes' directories, and includes a valuable and interesting history of Magic's work. An indispensible aid to traveling hashers . . . just click on the link and it's yours!

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