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Kurt Franks - Sugar Tits
departed: 1996-08-17
Sugar Tits (OCH3, LBH3) was a strong man of boundless energy and generosity. He did not fit the stereotype of the macho Marine Sargeant, because he was always laughing and so upbeat but he was tough as nails, and was often absent from the Hash when there was trouble elsewhere in the world. The only time he ever needed backup (Alouette and Wild Bill) was the night he proposed to Bottoms Up! The day that Alouette was moving, he gave us all a demonstration of his strength. One of the moving trucks was so full there was no room for a Lazyboy recliner, so he lowered the tailgate, sat on it, and held the recliner in his lap for the 3-mile drive! Then, he humped a refrigerator unassisted up a flight of stairs and into the new apartment!