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Susie Lasoya Feinstein - Fine Ass
departed: 2006-06-10
LAH3, LBH3, FHH3 Fine Ass was Darth Vaderís wife. She was a pretty, popular, and very busy runner. She also ran with Foothill H3 and LAH3, and had many long-distance runs to her credit. After a long bout with cancer we lost her at a young age of 51. There is an award named in her honor at the Catalina 50-miler--her last long distance run.

from: Darth Vader -
Wow. Very happy to see this tribute to my beautiful wife. First time seen by me. Thank you Would like to make a few minor corrections to the information if I may. Susie/Fine Ass passed away January 22, 1999. She was only 44 - way too young to leave us. Everything else is spot on. Thank you for this. I really appreciate it. //don feinstein aka Darth Vader LAH3

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